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*"General Oakley Full Battle
Rattle & Heaventree's Ain'T
Whisling Dixie are owned and
bred by Heaventree Creek
Labradors. *Daisy & Maggie are
owned by Heaventree Creek
Labradors. "ROLEX" is owned &
bred by ROKA 7 & Belquest
Heaventree (HOME)
All puppies in a row, waiting their turn to go
Dam: Maggie
Bloodlines have
Ch. Drifter at Dickendal
& Balrion Red Alert

Maggie's Pedigree
(Available Soon!)

Two Yellow
Females LEFT!

Maggie X Heaventree's General Oakley Full Battle Rattle
(Dam & Sire pictured ABOVE)
$1100 Limited; $1300 Full
Can. CH. Roka 7 Rolex
Featured Cover in
Canada's Dog Fanciers
Magazine April 2013 & #1 Labrador
Retriever Puppy in Canada - 2013
Can. Ch. ROKA7 "ROLEX" is sired by
International Champions
Sire: General Oakley
General Oakley Full Battle Rattle at Heaventree CH. bloodlines
include: Boradors
Resolution &
Special Salsa (4th &
5th gen), & hails
from Balrion Red
Alert (forefather of
fox reds in U.S.
2009 Heaventree Pup
Maggie (dam) X Beau*

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Puppies include:

  • Full Vet Exam, 1st
    shots, & 2-yr hip
  • 3-Gen Pedigree &
    Litter Certificate
  • 72-hour Health &
    One-Year Health
  • Pre-training
  • Socialization
  • Lots of
  • Dewclaws removed
Dixie's Grandsire is Ch. Beechcroft's Perfect Charmer!
Rolex's Pedigree is AMAZING & full of confirmation

Heaventree's Ain't Whistlin' Dixie X

Can. CH Roka 7 Rolex
$3,500 with shipping
See below for pricing with show contract:

**$1,500 Limited AKC Registration
2,000 full* AKC Registration
to *Approved Homes ONLY.
*Pricing good through 5/30/2014

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Training (Overview)
Our goal is to breed even-tempered Labrador Retrievers for family and show. We utilize clicker training techniques that also work for therapy dogs
and we encourage you to continue clicker training.
Free video and clicker will accompany your new companion home!

All of our lovable Labrador puppies, including the Dam, are raised within our home in a clean and sanitary environment. Puppies will not be released until
they are eight weeks old. Between six to eight weeks, each puppy will receive one-on-one clicker training, housebreaking practice, and socialization.
Since they are pups, this does not mean that they will be fully trained. Training is a long process. We merely start the process for you.

We start by paper-training the puppies at three weeks of age through keeping a cleanly nursery, repetition, and voice. Usually by 3.5-4 weeks, all or
almost all pups utilize the "paper" (pee pads) and keep the rest of their nursery area clean. Excrement is removed many times during the day to avoid
them playing in it or becoming soiled. We have found that clean puppies are easier to housebreak more quickly than puppies that have not been kept as
clean.  Around 5 weeks, depending on weather, we take the litter outside to a sanitized outdoor pen several times daily and at night to work on these
Heaventree Creek Labradors
(AKA Alida's Lovable Labs) is owned and operated by Alida & Jake Scheiderer
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Location: Brunswick, OH 44212
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